1     Ukraine is a contemporary European country located in the eastern part of Europe; it is one of the biggest, in terms of area, European countries. Total Ukrainian population comprises, approximately, 43 million. Its capital is Kyiv. Its state language is Ukrainian though Russian is widely spread. In certain regions of the country, languages of other peoples’ are applied locally (Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, etc.).
     Ukraine is the unitary state with parliamentary presidential form of government. The country is divided into 27 administrative and territorial units, with 24 of them being oblasts, 1 – autonomous republic and 2 – cities with state subordination.
     Ukraine borders with Belarus in the north, Slovakia and Hungary in the west, Romania and Moldavia in the south-west, Russia in the east and north-east. In the south and south-east, Ukraine is washed by the Black and Azov Seas.
     Ukraine is a native country for representatives of various nationalities. In Ukraine, representatives of the following nationalities reside: Ukrainian, Belarussian, Crimean Tatars, Jewish, Moldavian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, German, Bulgarian and other peoples. Each Ukrainian citizen of any nationality feels in Ukraine as a free man. Throughout the whole world, the Ukrainians are famous for their friendly attitude to other peoples, their loyalty and high international tolerance.
     National monetary unit is Hryvnia (UAH). Freely convertible currency may be exchanged into Hryvnias virtually at any bank branch as well as at specialized currency exchange points.

State symbols of Ukraine:

Flag flag                                  Coat of arms gerb

     Climate in the territory of Ukraine is moderately continental, with clearly distinct seasons. Average temperature in summer is from +19° С to + 23° С, average temperature in winter is from 0° С to -10° 2С.
     Ukrainian nature is rich and diverse. Due to geographical position and mild climate, in Ukraine there are bountiful steps and dense forests, warm seas and splendorous mountains, turbulent rivers and quiet lakes.
     On the territory of Ukraine, there are numerous historical monuments: from ancient churches and cathedrals to the medieval palaces and fortresses. More than 150 000 monuments of history, culture and architecture reflect history of the Ukrainian people.
     Each foreign tourist has a possibility to choose a route according to his/her interests: wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments and museums, contemporary cities, rest in the mountains or by the sea.
     Timezone UTC + 2 hours (Kyiv time) is applicable on the territory of Ukraine.
     Ukraine has a considerable and ever-growing Internet-sector. The cost of using Internet is moderate in Ukraine. In major cities, there are zones with Wi-Fi coverage in cafes, restaurants, and educational institutions, etc.
     It is possible to call in Ukraine and outside its territory, using landline or mobile telephones.
3International telephone code of Ukraine +380.
A call to Ukraine is made in the following manner:
– code for international communication line in your country,
– international code of Ukraine (380),
– city or mobile operator’s code,
– call recipient’s telephone number.
ISO code – UA
IOC code – UKR

Welcome to Ukraine!