The students’ life is bright and diversified.

The students’ life means bright impressions, unforgettable moments and interesting lectures with beloved professors. Students actively combine sports, participation in cultural events and public life.


According to the data of InterNations, 85% of foreign students living in Ukraine are satisfied with the level of their expenses. Ukraine ranks first in affordability of the cost of living and ranks second in the level of satisfaction with personal financial condition for foreigners, according to the rating of Expat Insider 2016. Rating of InterNations for those living and working abroad is based on the data of a poll, in which more than 14 thousand persons participate, representing 174 nationalities and 191 countries.


Young people from various countries of the world come to study to Ukraine. The geography of countries, from which students come to Ukraine to get their education, is equal to approximately 129 states. In Ukraine, the majority of foreign students are represented by those from the CIS countries — 49% (Turkmenistan, Azerbaidzhan, Georgia, etc.), from Africa — 18% (Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana), from the Near East — 16% (Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey), from Asia — 12% (India, China, and Vietnam), from the EU countries —2.3%.
The following professions are much in demand for foreign students: healthcare — 31%, economics — 24%, the humanities — 5%, engineering and communication — 4%, law — 4%, transport, construction and architecture and ІТ — 3%.
Main motives for foreign students’ gaining higher education in Ukraine include availability of high quality academic school and level of the knowledge gained.


Scientific activities.

The students’ scientific society: at the Ukrainian universities, you will be proposed to pursue science, write independent scientific works and defend the same before the scientific society. If you have some scientific interest – even if it does not relate to your immediate specialty – prepare a decent scientific work on your favorite theme. It is likely that such activity will turn into a start of your professional career. It is an excellent possibility to make a name for you.
You will gain useful experience, which will come in handy on numerous occasions.


If you want to study successfully at the university – you should be active not only at lectures and seminars! During their studies at the university, students conduct excursions, visit theatre performances and exhibitions, go in for sports and go on walking tours.