english-discoveries_caroussel_slide     The Ukrainian education system is recognized by UNESCO, the UN and other influential international organizations. Ukraine has the staged system of academician degrees, comparable with relevant structures of the developed states. Our country is a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. Ukraine, together with 43 other countries, is a party to the Lisbon Recognition Convention, which applies to almost all states of Europe. In addition to European states, it has also been ratified by the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Ukraine joined the Bologna Declaration. Currently, jointly with the other 47 European states, the Government is constantly introducing the Bologna principles in the education system. Thus, Ukraine has chosen a course aimed at the European standards of education, integration into the European educational and scientific space.
materia1     Ukraine is within top 10 leading countries in the field of international education. A diploma issued by the institution of higher learning of Ukraine is recognized internationally and level of professional training is highly appreciated by foreign employers. Annually, the number of foreign students, who get their education in Ukraine increases: number of foreign students in institutions of higher learning is equal to, approximately, 70 000 persons from 145 countries of the world. Foreign students are educated at, approximately, 240 institutions of higher learning. In Ukraine, the following institutions of higher learning with the state, municipal and private ownership forms are represented: universities, academies and institutes.
     The Ukrainian institutions of higher learning provide the following levels of higher education:
Pre-university level
– Associate bachelor – term of studies – 2 – 4 years (colleges, secondary technical school).
University level
Like many other states, the Ukrainian higher education is divided into three educational cycles.
main-banner4     The first educational cycle lasts for 4 years and upon graduation a student is assigned the education and qualification level of Bachelor. The Bachelor’s degree may be assigned by institutions of II-IV accreditation levels.
     The second educational cycle lasts for 1-2 years, and a student is assigned the education and qualification level of Master. Only educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels, universities, academies and institutes, may assign the Master’s degree.
Bachelors and Masters major in 400 specialties in Ukraine.
     The third educational third cycle, as in most other countries, lasts for three years or more. For its completion, one should get a research degree at the higher education or scientific institution. Upon completion of the postgraduate training program, an applicant shall publicly defend his/her scientific work – a thesis paper. The cycle ends with awarding a scientific degree – the Doctor of Philosophy; the training period is 3 years.
     Foreign citizens are admitted to the institutions of higher learning in Ukraine on the basis of results of the placement testing and review by the university’s admission commission of the documents related to previous education. Requirements to the academic performance of prospective foreign students are determined by each educational institution on the individual basis.
     Foreign students get education at the Ukrainian institutions of higher learning subject to contractual terms. The approximate cost of studies for foreign students is equal to $ 1000 – $ 3000 per year and from $ 2000 to $ 6000 per year for those students, who major in medical fields.
students1Cost of studying at the preparatory division of universities is equal to $ 1000 – $ 2000.
     The foreigners, who are permanently residing in Ukraine on lawful grounds, have the right to a higher education on an equal basis with the citizens of Ukraine.
Foreign citizens are enrolled for study in Ukraine on the basis of international treaties of Ukraine, national programs and contracts signed by higher education institutions with legal entities and individuals. To enroll foreign nationals, the Ukrainian university should have a license for the respective educational services.
     The state, represented by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine supervises all education institutions and monitors the quality of their services. To do this, they have implemented the system of licensing and accreditation of all higher education institutions. An education institution may render educational services in the territory of Ukraine upon availability of a relevant license only. All universities having licenses shall be entered in the National Register of Higher Education Institutions. An institution shall have the right to issue diplomas for accredited specialties only.

So, we may point out the following benefits of studying in Ukraine:

• High level of education;
• Affordable price of education;
• Worldwide recognition of Ukrainian diplomas;
• 100% visa authorization for foreign students;
• Ukrainian / Russian language courses with native speakers;
• Busy student’s life;
• Acquired experience of living in a foreign community.

     Our country offers a welcoming environment, warm and a good attitude to foreigners. For those looking for quality and affordable education abroad, we may recommend training in Ukraine. Having the Ukrainian diploma, you can engage in professional activities or continue your training in any country of the world.

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