banner1-940x218     Our Centre is a reliable and efficient partner for prospective foreign students and Ukrainian educational institutions. We inform prospective foreign students about educational programmes of Ukrainian institutions and advantages of Ukrainian education at the international level. Our Centre has been conducting information and advertising events: lectures, “round tables”, РR campaigns, seminars, symposia, conferences, exhibitions and other public events.
     Main purpose of activities carried out by the UKRAINIAN CENTER OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS is creation of a model for admission of prospective foreign students to educational institutions in Ukraine pursuant to the principles of transparency, responsibility and complex professional orientation.
     We provide informational support in connection with the issues related to organization for the foreigners’ entry into, and stay in, Ukraine for the purpose of studying at the educational institutions; render consultations related to statutory regulation; popularize Ukrainian education on the target foreign markets; conduct registration of invitations for foreigners in connection with their education; ensure monitoring of quantity and quality indicators in connection with provision of educational services to foreigners by Ukrainian educational institutions.
harv-001We explore the domestic and international experience of international cooperation in the field of higher education. We ensure development of international cooperation with domestic and international organizations and institutions. We work with foreign embassies.
     We acquaint international students with the legislative framework of Ukraine, the generally accepted norms of behavior and features of training in Ukraine, the rules of residence and movement of foreign nationals in the territory of Ukraine, as well as the internal regulations of universities and dormitories.
     We arrange for package holidays for foreign students after school during the academic year.
     Our Center has been cooperating with Ukrainian institutions of higher learning, state authorities, diplomatic representations of Ukraine abroad and embassies of other countries in Ukraine.
     The results of our activities attest to international recognition of the education gained in Ukraine, which ensures a high level of professional and scientific training of domestic experts for various countries, its reputation on the international labor market.

Our center is a reliable partner in resolving all issues related to gaining education in Ukraine.